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Researchers Identify 16 New Genetic Markers That Shed Light on Psoriasis

University of Michigan researchers has shed more light on the genetic landscape behind the intricate mechanisms of psoriasis.

The 16 new genetic markers they identified can explain 28% of the hereditary component of the skin disease, according to a study they published in Nature Communications

“We know there are a lot of genes, each with a relatively small effect, in play. Those genes, combined with the environment, lead people to develop psoriasis,” Dr. James T. Elder, a dermatology professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, said in a press release. “This study identified 16 more genetic markers, bringing the total to 63 loci [genetic regions] linked to psoriasis,” added Elder, the senior author of the study.

Previous studies identified 47 genetic regions associated with increased risk of psoriasis among  Caucasians. The scientists then tracked down the psoriasis-related molecular events associated with the genes.

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