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Association of psoriasis with comorbidity development in children with psoriasis

Tollefson MM, et al. – Researchers designed this study to ascertain the risk of elevated lipid levels (hyperlipidemia/hypertriglyceridemia), hypertension, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, nonalcoholic liver disease, and elevated liver enzyme levels in children with and without psoriasis, after accounting for obesity. They identified a higher risk of developing comorbidity among children with psoriasis than children without psoriasis. For the development of the comorbidities, while psoriasis was a small independent risk factor, obesity was a much stronger contributor to comorbidity development in children with psoriasis.


  • Researchers performed this retrospective cohort study of claims data from Optum Laboratories Data Warehouse (includes 150 million privately insured and Medicare enrollees).
  • They identified a cohort of 29,957 children with psoriasis (affected children) and an age-, sex-, and race-matched comparator cohort of 29,957 children without psoriasis and divided these into 4 groups:
    • Nonobese, without psoriasis (reference cohort);
    • Nonobese, with psoriasis;
    • Obese, without psoriasis; and
    • Obese, with psoriasis.
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