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Topical Delivery of Erythromycin Through Cubosomes For Acne.

DOI: 2211738506666180209100222  PMID: 29424323   Topical delivery is an attractive route for local and systemic treatment. Novel topical application has many advantages like avoids the GI-irritation, prevent the metabolism of drug in the liver and increase the bioavailability of the drug over the conventional dosage forms. The aim of present work was …

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Comparing the Efficacy of Low Dose and Conventional Dose of Oral Isotretinoin in Treatment of Moderate and Severe Acne Vulgaris.

DOI: jrpp.JRPP_17_30  PMCID: PMC5787910  PMID: 29417084   This study was conducted to compare the effect of low-dose isotretinoin with its conventional dose in patients with moderate and severe acne.This was a clinical trial conducted on 60 male and female patients with moderate and severe acne vulgaris. The patients were divided into two treatment …

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