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In Vitro Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activities of Azithromycin After Loaded in Chitosan- and Tween 20-Based Oil-in-Water Macroemulsion for Acne Management.

DOI: s12249-015-0401-2  PMID: 26314246   The objectives of the current investigation are (1) to prepare and characterize (particle size, surface charge (potential zeta), surface morphology by transmission electron microscopy, drug content, and drug release) the azithromycin (AZM, 100 mg)-loaded oil-in-water (o/w) macroemulsion, (2) to assess the toxicity of macroemulsion with or without AZM …

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Study of lipid profile in adult women with acne.

DOI: CCID.S83248  PMCID: PMC4544726  PMID: 26316790   The aim of this study was to establish the lipid profile of female patients with acne in the Acne-in-Adult-Women Ambulatory Care Clinic in order to observe the prevalence of dyslipidemia in those patients. da Cunha MG,  Batista AL,  Macedo MS,  Machado Filho CD,  Fonseca FL

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