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Relationship between acne vulgaris and cosmetic usage in Sri Lankan urban adolescent females.

DOI: jocd.12431  PMID: 28941014   Acne vulgaris is one of the commonest skin disorders affecting up to 80% of the world population at least during adolescence. Significant psychosocial effects such as depression and poor personality development have been linked with acne, especially in female adolescents. Various causative factors, including cosmetic exposure, have …

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Help-seeking behaviours, opportunistic treatment and psychological implications of adolescent acne: cross-sectional studies in schools and hospital outpatient departments in the UK.

DOI: bmjopen-2017-016964  PMCID: PMC5623513  PMID: 28939579   Acne vulgaris (acne) is a common adolescent skin condition. It is associated with negative psychological impacts and sufferers do not easily seek help, hence is undertreated. Desai KP,  Martyn-Simmons C,  Viner R,  Segal T

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Kyocera develops image recognition technology for skin disease identification

Kyocera skin disease

Kyocera Communication Systems, a subsidiary of Kyocera, is teaming with the University of Tsukuba to created artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that could identify skin cancers and other skin diseases. The image-recognition system first would be designed to distinguish between various skin malignancies, including melanoma, according to the company. Later, the …

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