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ADT-G as a promising biomarker for peripheral hyperandrogenism in adult female acne.

DOI: 19381980.2017.1361571  PMCID: PMC5823034  PMID: 29497466   Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the pilosebaceous unit. Recent studies have shown an increasing number of cases of acne in adult women. These cases are predominantly normoandrogenic and present some clinical differences compared to adolescent acne. Local glandular metabolism turns some weak …

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The Role of the Physician in Patient Perceptions of Barriers to Primary Adherence With Acne Medications.

DOI: jamadermatol.2017.6144  PMID: 29490358   Primary nonadherence with acne medications is high but commonly underreported to prescribing physicians.To describe patient experiences with primary nonadherence to medications for acne and to identify physician-level factors that may improve adherence in this population.A qualitative analysis was conducted from structured interviews with patients reporting nonadherence with …

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