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Incidence and relative survival of melanoma in children and adolescents in the Netherlands, 1989-2013


Abstract Background Melanoma is rare in the first two decades of life. Trends in incidence differ across countries. Objective To describe incidence and relative survival of children and adolescents with melanoma in the Netherlands for children (0 through 11 years) and adolescents (12 through 19 years) separately. We hypothesized that adolescent melanoma increased in contrast …

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FDA Clears Xstrahl Photoelectric Therapy System

fda approved Xstrahl

Xstrahl has received FDA 510K clearance for the marketing of its latest skin cancer therapy device. The Photoelectric Therapy System is a compact and ergonomic superficial X-Ray therapy system operating in the 10kV to 80kV range intended for superficial radiotherapy and surface electronic brachytherapy treatment of primary malignant epithelial neoplasms …

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Redefining skin cancer staging reveals previously hidden cases


The eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC-8) guidelines will soon be implemented expanding the scope of a T3 classification for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) to include three independent risk factors. A new analysis shows that by expanding the definition of T3 staging, cases that would …

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Propranolol May Delay Progression of Cutaneous Melanoma

Propranolol melanoma

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Propranolol may extend progression-free survival in cutaneous melanoma, according to a small prospective study. “These results confirm recent observations that beta-blockers protect patients with thick cutaneous melanoma from disease recurrence,” Dr. Vincenzo De Giorgi of the University of Florence, in Italy, and colleagues write in …

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Medicaid Patients May Receive Less Timely Melanoma Surgery

Melanoma Surgery

Delays in melanoma surgery may vary by insurance type, according to research in JAMA Dermatology. While Medicaid patients had the highest likelihood of delays, significant proportions of Medicaid and privately insured patients also experienced delayed care. Also, the likelihood of surgical delay was less if the physician performing the operation or …

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Melanoma cells rewire to resist drug treatment

drug resistance

In 2014, new combination therapies to treat patients with metastatic melanoma hit the market, helping extend the lives of those with this aggressive disease. Yet unfortunately, after several months of treatment, almost all patients on the regimen eventually relapsed. A study published in the journal Nature, led by scientists from …

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Survival of melanoma patients treated with targeted therapy and immunotherapy after systematic upfront control of brain metastases by radiosurgery

melanoma patients treated with targeted therapy

Gaudy-Marqueste C, et al. – This study was undertaken to assess the survival of melanoma patients treated with targeted therapy and immunotherapy after systematic upfront control of brain metastases by radiosurgery. As per findings, in real-life metastatic melanoma (MM) patients (pts) with brain metastasis (BM), a strategy aiming at controlling …

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Lithium may reduce melanoma risk


Adults with a history of lithium exposure had a 32% lower risk of melanoma than did those who were not exposed in an unadjusted analysis of data from more than 2 million patients. Microarray gene profiling techniques suggest that Wnt genes, which “encode a family of secreted glycoproteins that activate …

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Adding T-vec might help surmount PD-1 resistance in melanoma

PD-1 resistance melenoma

Almost two-thirds of patients with advanced melanoma responded to combination therapy with pembrolizumab and talimogene laherparepvec (T-vec) in a small phase 1b trial, investigators reported. A third of patients achieved a complete response and median progression-free and overall survival were not reached after typically 18.6 (range, 17.7 to 20.8) months …

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