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Papular acne scars. A common cutaneous finding.

PMID: 2140672  

One hundred thirty-three patients were examined for the presence of a cutaneous eruption consisting of small, asymptomatic, hypopigmented, follicular papules on the upper part of the trunk. The papules were present in 57% of patients who had a history of acne vulgaris and in 9% of patients who denied ever having had acne. Biopsy specimens from five patients revealed circumscribed, perifollicular or parafollicular lesions in which both elastic and collagen fibers were attenuated in comparison with those in normal adjacent dermis. These changes are consistent with scar. We conclude that the papules are a scarring process secondary to acne vulgaris and propose calling the lesions papular acne scars. They appear closely related to or identical with changes previously termed perifollicular elastolysis, postacne anetoderma-like scars, and papular elastorrhexis.

Wilson BB,  Dent CH,  Cooper PH


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