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Psychologic aspects of acne.

PMID: 1836060   Psychologic factors may play a significant role in acne in at least three ways. First, as many patients readily report, emotional stress can exacerbate acne. Second, it is common for patients to develop psychiatric problems as a consequence of the conditions, such as those related to low self-esteem, …

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Personality, disability and acne in college students.

PMID: 1838971   The relationship between acne, personality and disability was examined in a sample of 101 junior college students in Singapore. The clinical severity of their acne was assessed using a Acne Severity Grading Scale. The disability as perceived by the individual, was evaluated using the Acne Disability Index. Our …

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Clinical and bacteriologic evaluation of OPC-7251 in patients with acne: a double-blind group comparison study versus cream base.

PMID: 1838749   Twenty-eight patients with acne were assigned to 4 weeks of treatment with OPC-7251 (a new fluoroquinolone derivative) 1% cream or the cream base in a double-blind manner to evaluate the antibacterial effect of the drug on resident bacteria in the hair follicles and to evaluate clinical response. Propionibacterium …

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The hormonal profile of women with acne and polycystic ovaries.

PMID: 1839616   Most women with acne are found to have polycystic ovaries on high resolution pelvic ultrasonography, but most of these women do not manifest the other classical clinical characteristics of the polycystic ovary syndrome. We have compared the endocrinological profile of women with acne who were found to have …

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