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Low doses of zinc gluconate for inflammatory acne.

PMID: 2575335   The effect of zinc on acne is unclear. In this study, only patients with an inflammatory acne were included in a double-blind trial using low doses of zinc gluconate (200 mg/day, corresponding to 30 mg zinc metal). We obtained a significantly different result between zinc and placebo groups …

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[Current therapy of acne vulgaris].

PMID: 2522686   The treatment of acne vulgaris depends on its causes. The focal point of its etiopathogenesis is the raised sebum production, but a major part is also played by the proliferative and retentive hyperkeratosis in the infra-infundibulum and the proliferation of acne bacteria. Since the clinical syndrome of acne …

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[Androgenic evaluation of women with late-onset or persistent acne].

PMID: 2526307   The authors have studied the androgenic patterns in 29 women with late-onset persistent acne vulgaris. Clinical evaluation of acne, menstrual history and serum determinations of SHBG, total-T, free-T, DHEAS, delta 4A have been carried out. A mild and heterogeneous hyperandrogenism was found in 70% of women, thus, a …

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