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Superior antibacterial action and reduced incidence of bacterial resistance in minocycline compared to tetracycline-treated acne patients.

PMID: 2138493   Twenty-five previously untreated acne patients were monitored throughout a 6-month course of therapy with either tetracycline or minocycline for changes in the numbers of staphylococci, propionibacteria and yeasts of the genus Malessezia on the skin surface. Antibiotic resistant staphylococci and propionibacteria were also counted. Minocycline (50 mg b.d.) …

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A placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of topical tetracycline and oral tetracycline in the treatment of mild to moderate acne. Dermatology Research Group.

DOI: 030006059001800204  PMID: 2140332   This double-blind, parallel group multicentre study in 85 hospital out-patients with mild to moderate acne evaluated the efficacy of 2.2 mg/ml topical tetracycline or placebo applied twice daily for 16 weeks together with an initial course of oral tetracycline, at doses of 1000 mg/day during weeks 1-4 …

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