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Nodulocystic acne and hidradenitis suppurativa treated with acitretin


Nodulocystic acne is a dermatologic disease that can result in significant damage to the skin of the face, chest, and back. Hidradenitis suppurativa is a scarring disease of the skin that causes deep cysts and abscesses on the axillae and anogenital areas. We review a case of a patient with severe nodulocystic facial acne and hidradenitis suppurativa that was treated with 2 full courses of isotretinoin. Although the patient’s condition improved, some draining cysts persisted on the face and groin. Because of the inability of isotretinoin to achieve long-term remission of the patient’s condition, acitretin was considered as a possible maintenance drug. The patient was almost completely improved after 5 months’ therapy with acitretin, which also was effectively used for ongoing maintenance. Acitretin may be a promising treatment for severe nodulocystic acne and hidradenitis suppurativa, which require long-term suppression when isotretinoin fails to give long-term remission.

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