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[Hormonal assessment in a woman with acne and alopecia].

PMID: 1385888  

Acne, androgenogenetic alopecia, hyperseborrhea and hirsutism may result from hyperandrogenism in women. This may be peripheral “idiopathic” hyperandrogenism due to cutaneous metabolism of steroids, but in some cases hyperandrogenism is due to abnormal production or input of steroids with androgenic activity (hyperplasia, endocrine tumors, cysts, consumption of progestogens or other hormones with androgenic activity, menopause…). An assessment is useful only in cases of acne or alopecia if they are accompanied by other signs of peripheral hyperandrogenism and/or disturbed menstruation. The treatment is based on the administration of an anti-androgen (in France, usually cyproterone acetate), combined with other local or systemic treatments for the problem, depending on the age, dermatological signs and context.

Faure M,  Drapier-Faure E


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