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Edible Plants and Their Influence on the Gut Microbiome and Acne.

DOI: ijms18051070  PMID: 28513546  

Acne vulgaris affects most people at some point in their lives. Due to unclear etiology, likely with multiple factors, targeted and low-risk treatments have yet to be developed. In this review, we explore the multiple causes of acne and how plant-based foods and supplements can control these. The proposed causative factors include insulin resistance, sex hormone imbalances, inflammation and microbial dysbiosis. There is an emerging body of work on the human gut microbiome and how it mediates feedback between the foods we eat and our bodies. The gut microbiome is also an important mediator of inflammation in the gut and systemically. A low-glycemic load diet, one rich in plant fibers and low in processed foods, has been linked to an improvement in acne, possibly through gut changes or attenuation of insulin levels. Though there is much interest in the human microbiome, there is much more unknown, especially along the gut-skin axis. Collectively, the evidence suggests that approaches such as plant-based foods and supplements may be a viable alternative to the current first line standard of care for moderate acne, which typically includes antibiotics. Though patient compliance with major dietary changes is likely much lower than with medications, it is a treatment avenue that warrants further study and development.

Clark AK,  Haas KN,  Sivamani RK


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