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[Current therapy of acne vulgaris].

PMID: 2522686  

The treatment of acne vulgaris depends on its causes. The focal point of its etiopathogenesis is the raised sebum production, but a major part is also played by the proliferative and retentive hyperkeratosis in the infra-infundibulum and the proliferation of acne bacteria. Since the clinical syndrome of acne consists of many factors, combined treatment is always required. Besides from treating the seborrhoea, the hyperkeratosis and the inflammatory alterations, it is very important to provide psychological guidance for the patient. We discuss the individual active substances and explain their application and side effects. Thanks to the new powerful active substances which have been available in the last few years to the therapist, he is in a position of successfully treating over 90% of patients suffering from acne thanks to individually adapted and differentiated treatment; but this also forces him to assimilate his knowledge continuously to the newest standard.

Gerny H


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