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[Androgenic evaluation of women with late-onset or persistent acne].

PMID: 2526307  

The authors have studied the androgenic patterns in 29 women with late-onset persistent acne vulgaris. Clinical evaluation of acne, menstrual history and serum determinations of SHBG, total-T, free-T, DHEAS, delta 4A have been carried out. A mild and heterogeneous hyperandrogenism was found in 70% of women, thus, a greater steroid bioavailability for peripheral conversion and/or a direct stimulation of the pilosebaceous unit can be postulated. Androgenic evaluation in women with late-onset or persistent acne vulgaris is useful, mainly for hormonal management.

Maneschi F,  Noto G,  Pandolfo MC,  Palisi F,  Martorana A


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