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[Akne-Mycyna in the local treatment of acne].

PMID: 2143300  

Akne-Mycyna, a new preparation for external treatment of acne containing 1% erythromycin, was used in 30 cases of acne: 12 cases of papulo-pustolous acne, 13 with pustulous acne, 5 with acne conglobata. The age of the patients ranged from 16 to 27 years, the mean duration of acne was 3.5 years. Selected lesions were smeared with Akne-Mycyna twice daily, mostly on one side of the face; symmetrical lesions were treated by conventional external methods. In the light of the study it is concluded that Akne-Mycyna is a very effective preparation for external treatment of papulo-pustulous acne and in milder cases of pustulous acne, with the duration of treatment at least 3 weeks. In deep forms of acne, particularly acne conglobata, Akne-Mycyna may be a valuable supplementation of systemic treatment.

Rubisz-Brzezińska J,  Brzezińska-Wcisło L,  Wilk-Czyz R


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