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Acne across Europe: an online survey on perceptions and management of acne.

DOI: jdv.14719  PMID: 29194802  

Acne is common among young people.To describe the burden, management and sources of advice, of acne in a representative sample of young people in Europe.This cross-sectional survey was conducted in a representative sample of individuals aged 15-24 years from Belgium, Czech and Slovak Republics, France, Italy, Poland and Spain (n=3099).Most individuals considered their acne (all severity stages) to be no/minor problem, although 29.7% considered it a major problem/burden. Over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatments were used more frequently than prescribed treatments. Acne was diagnosed by physicians in 47.6% of cases; other health professionals (nurses, pharmacists) or patients accounted for the remainder of diagnoses. Physicians were the source of acne information in just over one-quarter of cases (27.0%). The vast majority of advice was from friends/family and the internet.Almost one-third of young people consider acne to be a major problem/burden. Fewer than half of acne diagnoses are made by a physician and acne is often self-managed using OTC treatments. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Szepietowski JC,  Wolkenstein P,  Veraldi S,  Tennstedt D,  Machovcová A,  Delarue A


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